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Qlik Sense Course – Express

The course is under development but you can access the first module here!

Check out the videos below to learn about the basics of Qlik.

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Explore some Demos in Qlik’s Website

Go to and check out some dashboards made public.

Qlik Basics

Download and Unlock Qlik Sense Desktop

To download Qlik go to

Qlik Garden webpage:

Qlik Basics

The hub and App Overview

Loading data and checking the main navigation of the App.

Find the xlsx table used in the video here in this link (hyperlink).

Qlik Basics

Properties of the Bar Chart

How to create and customize a bar chart

Qlik Basics

Properties of other Charts

How to create and customize a other charts

Qlik Basics

First App: Analyzing Data in Accidents database

Link to the original dataset used:

Download the csv showed in the video clicking here (hyperlink).

Qlik Basics

The data manager

The data manager allows basic data manipulation.

Qlik Basics

The Stacked Bard Chart

and its properties.

Qlik Basics

Master Items

Instead of changing the same expression in multiple visuals, use Master Items to facilitate your work.

Qlik Basics

Maps and Layers

Types of Maps and how to use them.

Qlik Basics

Drill Down using Master Items

Dive in some dimension using the drill down.

Qlik Basics

GetSelectedCount() Expression

Using expressions to hide or display map layers.

Check out the documentation to learn about this and other expressions here.

Qlik Basics

Customize the App

Change the Thumbnail and give the app some other theme with different colors.